Free Boyfriend Destroyer Cheatsheet ‘I have a boyfriend’

Time to grow a pair…boyfriend destroyer.

You see a girl you like, you man up and go up to her and it’s ‘I have a boyfriend’ and you crawl away broken – It doesn’t have to be this way brother. Wait a second now you have a secret weapon in your mind, boyfriend destroyer, yay. Nail the lady of your dreams. If you are a guy who has the tackle to get this far, you are going to come against the boyfriend challenge. The good news is that it is not game over. It could be a bitch test, true or both. Hot chicks have this on auto-response all the time to weed out the losers and desparados, and that ain’t you right…?

Lil P. Red

boyfriend destroyer. Horny guy approaching a hot chick I have a boyfriend'
‘I have a boyfriend’ It can be crushing if you don’t know what to do.

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